Models Own - Part II

Second up is the reason I went looking for Models Own in the first place, a grey creme, and a very fine one it is too.


Weak sun

It's called Moody Grey and is a dark grey creme with a slight airforce blue leaning.

Formula is good, it's fairly thin, but easy to work with and very opaque, this was nearly a one-coat-wonder, 2 coats shown here.

I really like this colour, it completely works with my skintone and I love that it's dark and edgy but not harsh like black can be.

It's not the most unique colour though, it was my first grey creme but I've got a feeling it's not dissimilar to Barry M Grey and I did a comparison swatch with Ciaté Vintage and they're pretty dupey

This is vintage on index and ring and Moody Grey on middle and little finger.

There is a slight difference, vintage is ever so slightly lighter but you've really got to look hard. And oddly the formula & application were near identical too.

But as Ciaté is more spenny I'd go for the Models Own!


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