Models Own - Lemon Meringue

This was probably the first yellow creme I owned. I'd read enough about their potential for them to be a streaky hot mess that I wasn't expecting much at all and with expectations that low it wasn't as bad as I feared. Yep it was streaky and difficult to work with but on the positive side it was pretty opaque and the streakiness evened out with 3 coats, so not too bad.


I didn't have any yellows because I was fairly certain they'd look awful with my skintone, but actually this doesn't look too bad - must be all that banana yellow creaminess although it definitely does make my hands look more red and lobster-claw as Scrangie says. I think a true yellow would be even harder for me to pull off.

Again this isn't the most unique colour - it's very similar to Ciaté Lemon Sherbet and Nails Inc Spotlight - comparison shot to follow, but the formula wasn't horrendous and it's the cheapest of the three so if you're looking for a pale yellow creme then head over to Models Own


  1. I don't like yellow very much, but this is nice!

  2. I have this! I like it, i think it suits you.
    It's not my favorite in my collection but it's the only yellow i could pull off with my skin tone. Yellows look fab on dark skin tones x x

  3. I'm on a yellow kick. I really like this


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