Nails Inc November - Diet Coke - Paris

Plum creme  

Paris is a shiny plum creme.

Application was good, swatches are 2 coats, no top coat.

So back in 2010 Nails Inc teamed up with Boots (drugstore) and Diet Coke to offer a free bottle of specially branded Nails Inc polishes when you bought 2 bottles of Diet Coke.

I'm not a coke drinker but of course I still bought the coke and donated the bottles to pals - anything for free polish eh?!

There were 4 shades available in 2010, according to my spreadsheet I might be one missing from the following collection - looks like I have all the 2010 shades but only 3 of the colours from 2011 when they ran the promotion again with different shades.


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