Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Nails Inc November - Bubble Trouble

Coral pink creme 

I'm featuring only Nails Inc polishes for November as I've done for the previous 4 years.  I usually find these theme months good for focusing my attention on blogging and I often end up with more posts for the month!

I'll show some older shades - my personal preference as I have an extensive collection of Nails Inc polishes in the old style round bottle with the hands/fingers overprinting - some of the later round bottles and some newer style Nails Inc where they can't seem to decide on a bottle type!

First up an old one...

Bubble Trouble is a coral pink creme that's almost neon in its brightness.  Love the name, love the colour, love the shine.

Application was great, swatches are 2 coats, no top coat.

This polish is at least 7 years old, maybe older and may have been an ASOS exclusive.  I picked it up on ebay after the fact.

I thought this might be similar to some other Nails Inc polishes in my collection so here's a comparison swatch

L-R  Bubble Trouble, Miami, Shoreditch, Bubble Trouble

As you see it's no dupe, Bubble Trouble is lighter and more creamy than the others.

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