Nails Inc - Whitcomb Street

Burgundy foil shimmer  

Belated Happy New Year everyone!

Kicking off 2015 with a gorgeous gold flecked burgundy from Nails Inc.

Bottle closeup

Whitcomb Street is a gorgeous deep burgundy jellyish creme with loads of gold and pink flakie goodness.  It's stunning in sunlight and nearly as awesome out of it.

Application, of course, was great.  Swatches shown are 3 coats due to those jelly tendencies, with no top coat.

There are hardly any swatches of this online so I'm wondering if it was a QVC special or similar, most people seemed to get it as part of a Nails Inc lucky dip....  Can't remember how I came by it but I love it!


  1. It is simply beautiful - but I'm surprised it needed 3 coats even if it's jellyish...

    1. Definitely unusual for a nails inc...

  2. What a beautiful polish! I first speed read Whitecomb, and was surprised that the polish was so dark.. LOL :D I like your blog, followed through GFC and bloglovin <3


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