Leighton Denny - Honey Trap

Milky mushroom creme  

Ah, you know I love a taupe - or mushroom in this case.  I think mushroom is more pinky and taupe is more purple leaning - agree?

Anyhow, I spotted this and liked the look of it so then it was a case of stalking it on ebay till one popped up for a reasonable price.

To me Honey Trap is a pale, creamy mushroom/taupe creme.  Leighton's site describes it as a warm clay,  I'm not sure I would've got to this colour from that description.  They also have a bottle shot that doesn't look much like the colour either!

Application was good, LD's almost always are and as you can see it's lovely and shiny without top coat.

Swatches shown are 2 coats.


  1. I love colors like this, too. I want more Leighton Denny in my stash but they tend to be hard to get for me over here now.

    1. Thanks Karen, I do love LD polishes

  2. I agree, this is more of a mushroom to me too!
    Neither taupe nor mushroom shades are for me, but they suit you so well!

    1. Yay, we're agreed, definitely mushroom


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