Nails Inc - Queenstown Road

Darkish red crelly

Sorry folk, life (and work) got in the way.  I did pick up a small haul on my work trip to Germany (pics coming) but otherwise it's been a polish free time - more nail breaks, not sure what's going on there..

Queenstown Road is a darkish red creme with jelly tendancies aka a crelly.

Application was good, swatches shown are 2 coats without topcoat.  Being a crelly it's super shiny.

I like this one, it has a classic, elegant feel.

I think this one might've been a QVC exclusive from a few years and sadly doesn't seem to be easily sourced today....


  1. I do like this and it's pretty! :-)

    Good to see you back, I'll look forward to you haul post :-)

    1. Thanks, I was fairly restrained but so many brands not available in the UK

  2. Life tends to be like that LOL
    It's nice to "see" you again - and with a very beautiful polish!


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