Miss Sporty - Clubbing Colours 311

Sheer silver foil  

Another vintage Miss Sporty, again a Clubbing Colours Metal Shine polish.

This time it's 311 but this one wasn't such a success.

311 is a sheer silver, more of a foil finish than 208 but with one big downside.

This swatch is 4 coats and I still have VNL.  That's a big fat fail in my book.  It's pretty but not unique enough to warrant 4 coats...


  1. Pheeew - four coats is a lot, not matter how pretty a polish is - to bad...

  2. 4 coats is a lot! I think it's very pretty and shiny! The first photo is just gorgeous :-)

  3. Four coats is a bit much, I agree, especially when there are plenty of silvers that don't need that many. Maybe this would be good to add shimmer to other colors as a topper.


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