Alessandro - Strawberry Mint

Creamy scented pink creme

Strawberry Mint is part of a special Ice Cream Bar themed collection of polish and hand cream from Alessandro from 2012.  All the polishes are scented.

Strawberry Mint is a lovely creamy pink colour with a lovely shiny finish, but unfortunately it's not all good news with this polish.

This polish had a very odd formula, it was very opaque but also weirdly streaky

I ended up with 3 coats on this swatch to get opaqueness

As the scent? It smells of strawberry mint! To be fair,  more strawberry than mint and it's definitely a strawberry ice-cream smell than actual strawberries but not unpleasant.


  1. It's pretty :)
    I do not own so many scented polishes, but I think they tend to be a bit different in the formula that that particular brands normal formula...

    1. Me neither. I suppose there must be changes to the formula in order to get the scent in there! And for me normally Alessandro polishes have good formulae.


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