Filthy Gorgeous - Slush

Dark green creme  

Slush is a deep, dark green creme that never looks black, although it does apply much darker than the bottle colour.  In fact my bottle looks lighter at the bottom than the top!  Which also probably means that the Filthy Gorgeous bottles don't have ballz or not very effective ones!

Application was good, this could be a one-coat-wonder if you're careful, it's super pigmented.

Filthy Gorgeous polishes used to be sold in Debenhams (UK dept store) but I'm not sure if they still stock them.  I picked this one up in TK Maxx for a bargain price.  The bottles are 10ml and I think retail for £9 still steep to me.... but then I would rarely pay full price for an expensive polish!  There's nothing wrong with the Filthy Gorgeous


  1. I found this in Poundland today for a quid - was looking for swatches and your gorgeous ones are pretty much the only ones on offer!

  2. Yay, a quid is a great price for this polish - I must keep my eyes open in poundland!


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