Alessandro - Belle Mademoiselle

Brown creme with gold micro-flakes

Belle Mademoiselle is a luscious chocolate brown creme with fine gold microflakes which can look greenish in some lights.  Click the pics to expand them and see the flakies

Swatch show is 2 coats with no top coat.

Formula and application were great despite this being  a mini (5ml) bottle and brush.

This one is pretty similar to Revlon French Roast - although that is a smidge lighter brown and the shimmer is multicoloured.

Surprised how much I like this, it's very rich with lots of depth....

Alessandro is a German brand.  I've bought two hauls over the last 6 months from the private sale site Vente-Privee and this polish cost me the grand sum of £1.20, well worth it!

But I do believe that Alessandro have recently launched in the UK although I'm not sure if the products are available retail.