Revlon - Ruby Ribbon

Red and pink glitterbomb 

Revlon Ruby Ribbon is an amazingly festive looking glitterbomb - and unsurprisingly  it was a Christmas gift with purchase in December 2012 from Superdrug.

There's  a lot going on in there but here goes.  It starts with masses of pinky/red glitter in a sheer base, then there's lots of fine pink/plum bar glitter and finally a handful of  holo bar glitter.

Definitely click the images for bigger versions of the gorgeousness.

It does dry a little lumpy, I've added a coat of top coat to the 2, yes only 2, coats of polish.

And apologies for the messiness of some fingers, this polish was not very forgiving or easy to clean up.

So happy I picked this up - it's gorgeous and unique in my collection.


  1. I'm not a big fan of bar glitter - but the shades in this one are a gorgeous combo!

    1. Me neither, but somehow this one works

  2. I *love* this - it was this years birthday mani :D Your photos really show all the different glorious bits of this polish!

    1. Oh great choice for a birthday mani!


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