Nails Inc - Royal Ascot

Red jelly

"It's not Ascot Week until you've seen a drunk woman carrying her shoes"

It's Royal Ascot this week and I live in Ascot!  Unfortunately when you live in the area, Ascot Week is a an ordeal to be battled through due to the traffic and general chaos.

I read somewhere that over 1/2 a million people descend on Ascot during the 5 days of racing - that's a lot of people for a very small town.  The races finish around 5.30 and then there's a steady stream of often progressively drunk folk attempting to get home.

The ideal situation is either to go on holiday or to stock up and not leave the house till it's all over!

I'm not much of a fan of jellys but a couple of these were cheap on the nails inc site when I was ordering something else so I thought I'd give them a spin.

Royal Ascot is a tomato red jelly.  For some reason it's also known as Cherry Juicy Sheer on the nails inc site.  In my pics it definitely looks more tomato red but IRL it's definitely more pinkish red.

Swatch shown is 3 coats, the first coat is very sheer but there wasn't much difference between 2 and 3.

I actually quite like this and despite the name tying in with my week I think the Juicy Sheer name is very descriptive - this has very juicy qualities.