Boots 17 - Revenge

Purple/taupe with purple/pink secret shimmer   

That description sound familiar? Yep, Revenge was one of the many polishes in 2011 that appeared to be inspired by or outright duping Chanel's infamous Paradoxal.

Now I don't have Paradoxal to compare but you'll have to take my word for it that they're not total dupes.  Although some folk actually prefer Revenge because the shimmer is a lot less hidden.

Take that Just In! with a pinch of salt - this was released in 2011!

Revenge is a purple toned dark brown with a good amount of pink/purple fine secret-shimmer.  But not so secret you can't see it!

Application was good, swatch shown is 2 coats, no top coat.

This will be my last post for a week  - I'm off to Disney World, Florida for a conference - I'm so excited to see the sun again, it feels like it's been grey and cold here in the UK forever - it's forecast to be high teens, early 20's while we're there - hooray!.  And hopefully I'll get some time for shopping/haulage - I've made myself a Google map with the nearest Ulta, CVS, Walmart and Walgreens on!


  1. A quite nice polish actually! More beautiful on the nails than in the bottle.
    Have a great trip and buy lots of nail polishes to show us!! :D

    1. Thank you! I didn't buy much as it turns out, certainly less than previous trips...


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