Nails Inc - Wardour Mews

Purple/lilac foil with golden shimmer 

Wardour Mews is part of a QVC collection I picked up a few months ago.

The collection of four polishes was called 'Midas Touch' and was billed as a collection of sparkly polishes.

To be fair some of the collection are less sparkly than others, IIRC there were two sparkly foils (like Wardour Mews) and two cremes with more subtle sparkly shimmery accents.   I was quite happy with them but the reviews on QVC were pretty mixed due to the non-sparkliness!

Wardour Mews is a purple toned lilac with gold shimmer, so much shimmer it's pretty much a foil

Swatch shown is 3 coats, it was fairly sheer.

The finish is similar to the Orly Cosmic fx collection but I don't think there was a dupe of this colour?
From looking at swatch pictures it could be similar to OPI's It's My Year?


  1. Looks beautiful and quite unusual, will have to keep my eyes open for this one :) xx


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