George - Cloudless Sky

Mid blue creme

This is George quick dry in cloudless sky, a gorgeous, pigmented mid blue creme.

Swatch is 2 coats and no top coat.

For a cheap polish, in fact for a regular price polish, application was great, good brush and formula and not so quick dry it was diffucult to work with.

And what a fab colour and name.

For non-UK gals, George is the brand used by Asda, a UK supermarket chain now owned by Walmart. The brand is named after George Davies who orginally headed up Next, a clothing and home store/catalogue.

I think it's fair to say Asda is a price sensitive supermarket, hence the George polishes are only £2.

I have a number of these to show you over the next week.

And just because I fancied it...

Here it is topped with 1 coat of old Body Shop mini (5ml) in shade 29 Flutter, a sheer turquoise with silver glitter.