Lemon Sherbert - Ciaté

As my nails still haven't recovered from packing and moving and I'm sooooo behind with blogging I thought I'd post some old pics, but don't worry they're not ones I've posted before just ones I took a long time ago when I had nails!

I thought I'd start with some Ciaté

First up is Lemon Sherbert

It's a pale yellow creme, with the problems you'd expect from that. This was 3 coats and it was, like most yellow cremes, a bit of a challenge to work with.

As expected it doesn't look great with my skintone, a bit like yellow tippex really.... ah well.


  1. the packaging is gorge!


  2. Hmm, this is a hard color to pull off, but I agree, the packaging is cute!

  3. It looks slightly like a pale highlighter. :P I have a yellow like this, they look really lovely in the bottle, but don't last very long on the nail, I find.


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