Ciaté - Fruity Pops

Next up is Fruity Pops - love that name!

Fruity pops is an orange toned coral creme - a very summery colour in my book.

Again this is 3 coats and despite it not being as pale as Lemon Sherbert it was still a bit tricky to work with - mostly caused by polish drag on the second and third coats.

So again this was 3 coats to get an even coverage, not terrible but 2 is better, right?!

This, like Lemon Sherbert, was from the Summer 2009 collection, Candy Couture.


  1. OO I like this, its gorgeous!!! :-)

  2. Pretty color! Too bad about the drag, but I don't think 3 coats is bad at all. Of course, 2 is always better. :)

  3. i really like this color !

  4. Ooooooo, that looks like candy. Very pretty!


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