Friday, 4 September 2009

My name's Cali and I'm a polishaholic

They say the first step with an addiction is to admit it. So, my name's Cali and I'm addicted to nail polish.

I finally realised this when I found myself in Selfridges paying a significant amount of money for three bottles of infamous Illamasqua nail polish. I'd found myself powerless to resist the glowing reviews and general air of excitement surrounding this new makeup brand.

The final confirmation came when I tried them out and decided they were worth every penny!

I chose three of the most talked about colours, Rampage, Milf and Muse.

Enough of the talking, let's see the polish...

Rampage is a glorious dark green that's not at all blackened. It's not a dupe for the much desired Nars Zulu, a long discontinued dark green jelly that has almost cult status in the nail polish world. But I'm never going to see Zulu and to be honest I'm not sure if jelly's are really my thing and Zulu has looked kinda streaky in many of the swatches I've seen. Whereas the application and formula of Rampage is just perfect.

This is 3 coats. But not my best swatch picture - I've been practising since!

Milf (gotta love that name) - this is an unusual pale green creme. I wasn't sure if this would work with my skintone, but it's lush. Again fantastic application.

Lastly, but by no means least is Muse.

Muse is a mid to dark toned teal. As with all of these I couldn't stop looking at my nails whilst wearing it.

So, were they really worth the money? I'd have to say yes. The application was great, I had to do barely any cleanup with these and the opacity, finish and drying time were all spot on.

If only they weren't so expensive I'd buy the lot!


  1. Nice way to start a blog with Illamasqua varnishes! I love the look of these and I am quite taken with all of them! If I could only choose one - I seriously would not know what one to choose! Great swatches and photos! Thank you :)

  2. Love the new blog - and love the illamasqua polishes! I really feel like I neeeeeed one!

  3. i want all of these polishes with a passion. your swatches are great and really show the true colors well :)


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