Sunday, 13 September 2009

HTF Week

It's HTF (Hard to Find) week on my favourite nail board so in the final gasps of the week here are some of my HTFs.

Revlon Streetwear is a much loved and much missed discontinued line from Revlon. From what I've read it was Revlon's attempt to combat the competitive threat from new brands Hard Candy and Urban Decay. As such Revlon went all out to create an amazing collection of unusual, edgy and funky shades.

I have a small collection of Streetwear polishes, 12-15 bottles I think although as my polish collection is currently split across two houses I'm not exactly sure!

I definitely have Streetwears from the US and UK collections. I'm not sure if the collections had different colours but the UK ones are made in the EEC and the US ones in the US.

The following are all from the UK/EEC collection

First up is Burnt - definitely my favourite out of the ones I got this week off ebay

Burnt is a gorgeous slightly greyed olive green with gold shimmer. A very unusual colour that really works. This is 2 coats in shade

And in sunlight you can really see the shimmer

Next up is Copper, a lovely bright copper which is almost a foil. I was surprised how good this looked on as I didn't think the colour would suit my skintone at all. Again 2 coats in shade

And in Sun

Next is Gold Mine

A slightly cool gold, again 2 coats

This is Dijon, an unsual mustard colour with a gold shimmer. This is 2 coats in the shade where it looks softer and more muted

In sunlight it's much more of a recognisable mustard colour.
Again I didn't expect to like this on at all but I it looks ok on, the gold shimmer seems to lift it.

This is Raw. It looks awesome in the bottle and I really wanted this to be better than it is. This is 5 coats, yes 5! And I still have VNL (visible nail line)

It's primarily blue with a touch of grey and a strong pink flash

In the sun it looks more shimmery and you can see the pink flash.

I've saved the best for last

This is Dark, a dark purple with silvery blue glitter. Isn't it just gorgeous? I don't think the glitter is as pronounced as other blue/purples with glitter like Essie's Starry Starry Night (which I don't own) but it is totally gorgeous. This is slightly off colour wise, it looks more blue here, it's actually more purple IRL.

The formula/application on these was ok, they were all fairly runny but not too difficult to control. The biggest problem for me was the very long brush which didn't suit my small nails at all.

But overall I love these, great colours, good application and big bottles!


  1. Hey doll! First up, thanks for visiting my blog :)

    Secondly, I was wondering if I could use a couple of your pics for my Streetwear Checklist?

    Copper and Gold Mine? I would credit you of course.

    I'll also add your blog to my blogroll :)


  2. i love your blog! you have beautiful nails :)


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