GOSH - Bright Idea

Cream pearl  

I picked up a handful of GOSH Special Editions recently and I'm happy with all of them.  I can't recall if there was a name or theme for these....

First up is Bright Idea....

Bright Idea is a predominately a cream pearl with a hint of something else, I'd say there's a bit of grey and maybe a bit of pink.  It makes it a bit unusual.

Application was good, the formula is always good with GOSH and I like the brush.

Swatch is 2 coats, no top coat


  1. I always loved the look of this one. It looks good on your nails :) xx

    1. Thanks, I like this much more than I thought...

  2. I like this, my local Superdrug is so inadequate at getting these in though, they tend to have about 5 and then swap them about!!

    1. Oh yes, Superdrug does seem a bit variable for stock and range & stand types...


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