Nails Inc - Harrington Road

Deep green shimmer

Sorry for the gap in posting, I've been away on a family holiday with the lovely man and the kids.  A fun, but not very relaxing, week in Center Parcs, Elveden.

And everything was so rushed before the hols (isn't it always?!) that I didn't have time to create any scheduled posts - bad blogger...

To ease me back into this blogging lark, here's a lovely green polish from my favourite brand, nails inc

Harrington Road is a deep green with lots of nicely visible micro sparkly shimmer.  I was debating whether to describe it as shimmer or glitter but either way, it's fine and you can see the individual particles.  Don't think it's massively unique but lovely all the same.

Application was great, I do find nails inc don't quite nail shimmers in the same way they do cremes but nothing to complain about here.

The swatch is 2 coats with no top coat and this is pretty shiny without top coat, not always true for a shimmer...


  1. What a gorgeous green! I'm a little upset with myself for being so late to the Nails Inc party, I've missed out on so many great shades.

    1. Then ebay may well be your friend, you can pick them up pretty cheaply on there although I think there's been a recently Royal Mail postage increase which bumps up the price a bit. Also I totally need to do a blog sale in the near future, I have sooooo many dupes!

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