Beyu 381

Glittery mid blue

Beyu 381, despite it's rather dull name, is a gorgeous polish.

A slightly purple toned shimmery blue with a good amount of fine, smooth silver glitter.

Beyu bottles are pretty tiny, only 8ml,  and have small brushes but I found application was fine with the small brush.  **disclaimer - I have pretty small hands/nails, although as you can see in the last pic I still managed to get polish on my thumb - d'oh!

I picked up my Beyu on one of my many trips to Germany, in a high end drugstore IIRC.  I just wish they were available in the UK.


  1. Beautiful shade. This polishes aren't available by us either, but I wish they would be, because I want some of them. :)

  2. Gorgeous colour, such a shame they're not available here, can't seem to find any on ebay either :/ x

  3. Aren't they great? I only have two and love their quality. I wish they were a bit cheaper though!

  4. @Simona - you're right, they are expensive for the bottle size. But sooo pretty!


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