I'm back!

Gah, 3 weeks away from the blog.  I have good reasons, I promise!

First week I was on holiday in Turkey with my beloved - fantastic, relaxing, blissful, just what we needed, seems like such a long time ago now.

Second week I was at a conference in Berlin for work - less blissful, not helped by catching horrible gastric flu mid week.  Being ill when you're away from home and don't speak the language is crap.  And then this week has been a continuation of the lurgy.  I think I might finally be getting over it...

Of course it being a trip to Germany (again) I managed a bit of polish shopping, and even picked up a couple in Turkey!

Essence magnet, magnetics x2 and a a glitter top coat.

 A couple of Essence top coats from a weird rotating display.  2 x Essence nudes.

 4 x Misslyn.  Haven't seen or tried this brand before, are they new?

 2 x P2 (have loved all the ones I've tried before) and a P2 crackle.  I'm not really a crackle fan but this one looked so pretty I couldn't resist.

 Turkish polish!  Alix Avien.  They were about a pound each so I'm not expecting much!

And I succumbed to Peridot in Duty Free.  I kept looking a pictures and swatches and trying to find anywhere in the UK I could buy it online for less than silly money and then there it was in Duty Free, reader, my willpower deserted me. 

Swatches and reviews to follow.


  1. very nice buys, all of them, I love that dark teal Mysslyn, I've seen that brand on some blogs but never in stores.

  2. Awwwww! The blue Misslyn and the green Alix Avien look gorgeous! Turkish brands are actually not bad even if they are so cheap. I have a couple Flormar's that are also Turkish and I paid them 1 euro each and they are amazing. I regret not buying some of their nail treatments as well.

  3. @hermetic - I found the Misslyn in a dept store, Karstadt I think.

    @Simona - ooh I didn't realise Flormar were Turkish. Didn't see any though, we were near a very small touristy town with not much choice!

  4. Hi! Welcome back!

    Great haul!

    Misslyn has just launched recently, yes.

  5. Reading this made me think of my trip to Turkey when I was younger. The pharmacy had a ton of Flomar polishes that I pretty much ignored! Wonder what beauties I may have found there!


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