Mavala - Black Cherry

Dark plum with secret shimmer

Jen's post earlier this week reminded me that I hadn't shared any Mavala love on this blog despite having reasonable collection, 20+ I think.

So here is an old swatch of Black Cherry

In most lights Black Cherry is a deep plum, dark but not black. But see it in the sunlight and the secret pinky shimmer is revealed.

This swatch is 2 coats with no top coat.

More about Mavala:
They're a Swiss company, they started out with nail hardener and now make a range of nail and feet treatment products as well as polish colours. All the colours in the mini 5ml bottles which are handy for travel. They also have some other beauty/cosmetic treatments.

In the UK I've usually found Mavala in independent chemists rather than Boots or Superdrug and I think usually retail for around £4-5


  1. This looks so similar to OPIs Black Cherry Chuntey, even the name ;) very nice polish

  2. It is a pretty polish. 20+ is certainly more than I have but I'm trying to catch up!

  3. Very pretty color! I love Mavala Products, but for some reason we don't receive any interesting colors here in Canada, only the "safe" ones!


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